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Skierniewice is surrounded from the north by the Bolimowska Forest, which is a part of the Bolimów Landscape Park. To the west, the city partly borders the Zwerzyniecki Forest and to the southeast – W Strobowej Pamiętnej Forest. Through the city runs the Skierniewka River which meets the Rawka River in the north-eastern part of Skierniewice.

There is only a small variation in altitude throughout the town area ranging from 112m above sea level at the edge of the Bolimów Forest up to 138m above sea level in the south-eastern part of the town.

Between 1975-1998, Skierniewice was part of the Skierniewice province. In those years, Skierniewice was the least populated provincial town in Poland.

Skierniewice lies in central Poland to the north-east of the Lodz Province in the Central Mazovian Lowland between the two largest agglomerations: Lodz and Warsaw.

The distance between Skierniewice and Warsaw is 66km as the crow flies, and 53 km between Skierniewice and Łódź.

Discover the area

In fact, right here, at the imperial station, you can meet Wokulski (the protagonist of “Lalka” by Bolesław Prus), visit a charming palace area, or taste skierlotka, which is a local apple pie from the best local apples that made this fruit town famous all over the world.

Despite its convenient location between Łódź and Warsaw, Skierniewice is little known to tourists. And yet its origins date back to the 14th century. There was even a short period when the town served as the "second capital" of Poland.

Skierniewice gained town privileges in 1360. It was closely connected with agriculture. In the former palace of the Archbishops of Gniezno there is an Institute of Vegetable Farming and in the Hunting Lodge – an Institute of Horticulture and Floriculture. Every year, on the third weekend of September, a Festival of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables takes place here with colourful street processions in regional costumes.

Skierniewice and its surroundings are a great place for an active day out to admire the beauty of the changing seasons.

A beautiful Public Park, the Rawka river reserve, the Bolimów Landscape Park are just some of the attractions for active leisure in nature.

There are many interesting places to visit around Skierniewice.

It is worth extending your stay at Hotel Dworek to feel the atmosphere and charm of local places that are worth seeing.


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